The 20 Ultimate Moving Tips

These are our top 20 moving tips and tricks to help you move quickly and easily.

After having helped 1000's of people with moves we've made a list of the top 20 moving tips for everyone. The list below contains tips to help you get organized before your move and practical tips to help you move more efficiently.

Moving Tip 1

Pack an overnight bag.

Chances are you will be exhausted at the end of the your move, the last thing you want to do is go through all the boxes to find your essentials. Pack an overnight bag to find them quickly and easily.

Moving Tip 2

Make a moving folder for yourself.

Moving folders are a great way to help keep track of all your essential information during the move and what still needs to be done. This can include the name and number of your movers, contracts, etc.. Your moving folder can digital or a hard-copy. If you do go digital make sure your appliances are sufficiently charged to last the entire move.

Moving Tip 3

Charge your appliances before your move.

There are always 100 things that need to be done when moving so this is frequently overlooked, but you always want to be reachable and to be able to reach others.

Moving Tip 4

Make sure you have internet access at your new home.

Let’s be honest, we are all addicted to the internet, whether it’s to do work or entertain ourselves. It is especially useful in case you need to look up something ad hoc (ie. nearest home depot) when moving or just to have some background music to keep you energized.

Moving Tip 5

Take a snack with you.

Home removals can be a long an arduous process, having a snack prepared ahead of time can help keep you going.

Moving Tip 6

Pack as far in advance as possible.

Packing for your move can take a while. There's always a mysterious item that pops up from behind the couch or was hiding in the storage room that you need to take along. Packing far ahead helps you be more prepared for your move.

Moving Tip 7

Book your movers early.

Home removal companies tend to plan weeks in advance (trust us on this!), booking in advance increases the chances you will get the time slot you want, plan for the costs and avoid last minute moves which often cost more.

Moving Tip 8

Wrap sensitive and breakable items in clothing or bubble wrap.

It should be sturdy enough to withstand a bump during your move. Let the movers know which items should be handled with extra care to help you take extra special care of those items.

Moving Tip 9

Before moving, your boxes you should always:

- Contain a label (ie. Kitchen, bedroom, etc.)

- Number your boxes (to make sure you have them all, and to identify which is missing)

- Color code your boxes

- Fill empty spaces in your boxes with clothing

- Tape your boxes

Moving Tip 10

Clean your new bathroom and kitchen ahead of your move.

After you're done moving, the last thing you'll want to do is clean your bathroom and kitchen to make it usable. Do it beforehand so you can relax when you're ready to.

Moving Tip 11

Cover the tops of any liquids with cling film.

Put a piece of cling wrap on the opening of your bottle before screwing on the lid. This will help avoid spillage.

Moving Tip 12

Pack plates vertically to make them less likely to break

Packing your plates vertically helps them withstand a bump.

Moving Tip 13

Use sandwich bags to collect screws, nuts and bolts

Use sandwich bags to make sure you don't lose nuts and bolts, for bonus points include a note in the bag with what it belongs to.

Moving Tip 14

Take a picture of your electronics.

Take a picture of the all the wires in your electronics before your move.

Moving Tip 15

Use a garbage bag to collect your clothes

The best way to pack your clothes is to press them all together and simply put them together in a garbage bag.

Step 1: While the clothes on their hangers, press them together.

Step 2: Open a garbage back and pull it up around the clothes.

Step 3: Pull it closed and you're done!

Moving Tip 16

Take pictures and video before moving into your new place

If you are renting a place, take pictures and video before you start moving in. This makes it easier to keep track of any changes since you moved in.

Moving Tip 17

Notify everyone of your new address

Change your address before moving. Be sure to contact your government, bank, any subscriptions, utilities and anyone else who needs to know your new address.

Moving Tip 18

Donate items that you don’t want to keep but are in good condition.

Ask a charity foundation a few weeks ahead of schedule to pick up furniture you want to give away.

Moving Tip 19

Hire a sitter for your dependents for the moving days.

Moving tends to be stressful and you do not want them to experience this or to get in the way.

Moving Tip 20

Unplug your fridge, freezer and washing machine.

Do not forget to unplug your fridge, freezer and washing machine a day before your move and let the water leak out. This will prevent your stuff from getting damaged.

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