COVID-19 / Coronavirus

We have taken extra measures to ensure your safety and that of our team. As such we request your help in keeping each other safe.

We have taken the following measures:
1. In the case of corona related symptoms such as an increase in temperature, a cold, a cough and/or other symptoms, employees will be sent home immediately.
2. Our movers will not shake hands and will keep a safe distance (1.5 meters) from the customer.

We ask that you follow these 6 steps to help keep each other safe:
1. We ask you, the customer, to cooperate with this by also staying at an appropriate distance of 1.5 meter from the drivers/movers at all times.
2. Customers will not be allowed to ride along with the movers in the moving trucks.
3. Payment must be made by pin (debit card). Our movers have wireless payment options, which are sanitized before and after every move.
4. Make sure you wash your hands well before, during, and after your move, including simple furniture moves.
5. If you are moving a mattress you are required to use a mattress cover. You can find these at a local home depot or order them online.
6. Any items that can be placed into moving boxes must be placed into moving boxes to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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